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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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We hope that you like to laugh as much as we like to troll Twitter for hilarious celeb tweets. Here are10 that made us LOL.

Trevor Noah
Delivery reports are the worst thing that ever happened to phones. "I know you got my message why haven't you replied?"

Gareth Cliff
You have to admit, there's nothing worse than seeing a pair of shoes you really want, and the bastards don't have your size, right?

Bonang 'B*' Matheba ‏
I don't remember hitting any woman in the 26 years I've been on this Earth!!... Have a fab sunday!!

Loyiso Gola
I wonder if my debit orders know that I got an Emmy nomination.  They must relax.

Tats Nkonzo
Unless they are born 57 years old, you shouldn't name your child, Basil. Parents, he can't be 3 months old and his name is Basil.

David Kibuuka 
Just because ur an adult doesnt mean u can do whatever you want. !!! (This person next to me is eating cake for breakfast)
Roxy Burger
Having an interview with a Sunday newspaper in a few. I promise I didn't moer anyone.
Deep Fried Man 
It's time for us to speak out against gingers growing mustaches. #RedMovember
Danny K ‏
A lion dosent concern itself with the opinion of sheep
Simmi Areff ‏
In India you have the "Untouchables". In Johannesburg, the Indians have the "Ungreetables".


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