Trevor Noah Gets Attacked

Apparently he should move back to SA

By  | Apr 29, 2021, 11:21 AM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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Trevor Noah is arguably one of the greatest talents to come out of Mzansi and make a name for himself. Whilst we applaud his great work and successes there is a particular TikToker who just cannot fathom the comedian who is also The Daily Show host.

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A TikToker by the name of Doug Romeo has bashed Trevor for his commentary on all things unjust in the United States. Trevor prides himself for having a straight from the shoulder approach whenever he speaks about racism and all other social ills in that country.

Doug argues that Trevor should not be so outspoken because he has little to no experience about issues such as police brutality in the States, racism and so forth. These are issues he is most passionate about - if he is not bashing the former president Donald Trump.

Doug says Trevor should just take a back seat because he lives in mansions and has the comfiest of jobs. Doug further insults Trevor by saying he should have stayed in South Africa instead.

"He's South African he comes to America looking for a better life, he is provided one and then he has the nerve to talk sh*t about how bad every one is. I preferred you just stayed home and not have any part of our society because YOU are the problem.

“You come over here, you talk about how badly black people in America have it, how the f**k would you know? How do you know that? You've never struggled in this country, you live in mansions, you're taking it easy. What's your fu***ng struggle?”

Trevor managed to make a successful name for himself whilst he was still living in his home country, so just like the many South Africans who flooded his comments section, we have no idea what he is talking about.

Yes, his wealth tripled when he moved to the states and also entered the Forbes list of the wealthiest comedians, but he was a household name way before. He joined the Forbes list of the highest earning stand up comedians in 2019 with a wealth totaling $28 million.

A few months ago, he gave Ntsiki Mazwai heart palpitations when he purchased a Bel-Air mansion which costs a whopping $27.5 million, which is roughly R412 million. The Bel-Air mansion is a three-stories large Japanese-inspired condo, which has a white exterior however prides itself on having a darker interior.

With all this wealth, women have been throwing themselves at him. Well, one woman in particular who applied to be his girlfriend. “Also, as you can see, I’ve already met Roywood Jr.(Trevor’s Colleague). He gave me free tickets to his show. He talked for like 20 minutes at this BBQ joint. It was great. So I’m already coworker approved. I can go to all our work functions!”

“Also, if you’ve ever seen any of my videos, I clearly care about all the same things you do. You are the one who inspired me to get people to register to be poll workers last year.”
She further adds. “Anyway my DMs are always open for you so hit me up.”

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