The SAFTAs Jump Ship

Big changes coming

By  | Apr 29, 2021, 11:12 AM  | Drama

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The South African Film and Television Awards has this year found a new home in SABC3 for the 2021 ceremony.The  SAFTAs an anticipated annual event designed recognise and congratulate the leading voices in south african television and film industry.

 The idea for theSAFTAs were born in 2005, as a way to recognise talent throughout the film industry, making the inaugural SAFTAs in 2006. Now with the 15th awards show on the horizon, the film industry is excited to be part of such an achievement The official site recognises the SAFTAs “The Awards honour, celebrate and promote the creativity, quality and excellence of South African Film and Television talent and productions,and serve to encourage entrepreneurship and the development of new talent within the industry.”

 The SAFTA committee and broadcasting officials have also decided to make an eyebrow raising decision by moving the SAFTAs to SABC3 when, in fact, most south africans had always tuned into the SAFTAS on  SABC2.
 This  has caused people to speculate as  to why they would move the awards to another channel, one twitter user speculates that it may have to with SABC3 recent facelift in appearance, and this would be a great way to attract more traffic to the newly updated channel. The official nominees will also be announced on SABC 3's Expresso show.

 The awards show has since grown over the years  and has seen amazing film voices come  in and out of their ceremonies including veteran actress Brenda Ngxoli who was praised for her efforts in south african film and television, the actress compared it to being a part of the olympics.
 In a press release the SAFTAs did recognise the way COVID-19 has affected the industry, the SAFTA committee also recently announced the appointment of Anneke de Ridder as the Executive Producer with regards to the pandemic effect on the entertainment industry  de Ridder had this to  say: “It is a tremendous honour to be tasked with bringing the industry and its supporters together to celebrate the great talent our country has to offer. South Africa’s filmmakers best define what it means to keep it rolling– despite the challenging delays that resulted from Covid-19. SAFTAs15 will celebrate South Africa’s golden talent, their perseverance and the sense of purpose that carried them through 2020 with such grace.  We are ready to roll and determined to put on a spectacular show,’’

 SAFTA  has made an effort to connect with their fans virtually through their Instagram, twitter and Facebook platforms online. As well as  engaging in an Instagram live with some prominent voices in the film and tv industry like Lorcia Cooper Kumalo best known for her role in the legendary South African television show Backstage, is due to  discuss her  career in tv which as spanned over 2 decades.
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