#OPW: Tumi Morake is not going to take your sh**

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Tumi Morake  | Drama

When Tumi Morake confirmed that she'd be back on Our Perfect Wedding (#OPW), all we could picture in our head was her fans throwing bouquets of flowers and rice around in celebration of her return.

It's clear that the viewers' request for Tumi to return to the show have been heard. Immediately after it was announced that Ayanda Mpama's journey on #OPW had reached its end, there were rumours that Tumi would return. Tumi confirmed that it was indeed true, however, she has warned us that she will not be taking any nonsense from viewers on Twitter.

Spoken like a true comedian!

According to Mzansi Magic, #OPW will present a once-off extension to season five - leading up to the exciting festive season and South Africa’s 'Wedding Season'. Tumi will take time from her busy local and international schedule to present a further thirteen episodes of Mzansi’s Sunday evening favourite.

Welcome back, Tumi. We hope you handle the Twitter trolls in a very funny, yet classy manner.

Mzansi Magic, while you're at it, could you possibly bring back Brenda Ngxoli for another season on #OPW next year?

Image Credit: Supplied