UthandoNesthembu: Each wife deserves to have their own wedding

Imagine having to spend your special day with your husband's other three wives.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


Now that is a definite no, no and for the first time we were actually on MaCele's side when she let it be known that she would like to have her own white wedding, instead of sharing her special day with the other three wives

Ever since UthandoNesthembu aired on Mzansi Magic, most viewers, including us, assumed that Musa and his wives had already had a white and traditional wedding, which we've come to learn that, that was not the case.

According to tradition, Mseleku and his wives need to have their traditional & white wedding in the near future. As always, Musa sat down with his wives and discussed what would be the next steps forward with regards to the 8 weddings, yes, you read right Musa will need to prepare for 8 weddings.

Initially, it was proposed that one big wedding is to be done for all the wives, which we thought was quite strange and as mentioned, for the first time, we were on MaCele's side when she objected about having one big wedding with the other wives. It really just did not sound fair.


Her speaking up for herself scored her a lot of brownie points with the viewers as well. Considering that she's always criticized for being the mean wife, tables turned last night and she was revered for her decision

Whereas on the other hand, Makhumalo was willing to share one big wedding with the other wives.


And for the first time, some people were not feeling MaKhumalo and her decision.

What are your thoughts about the 8 wedding plan?

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