V-mash steals her neighbors TV

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

Former 'Jam Alley' presenter Vinolia Mashego, better known as V-Mash, has slowly but surely bounced back after her fall from grace a few years ago, but she's now once again at the centre of controversy amidst allegations that she's a thief.  We know it can be rough for people in the South African entertainment industry but we surely were unaware that it was that rough.

According to the Daily Mail, V-Mash was recently arrested for theft, after allegedly stealing the television of one of her neighbours.

Vinolia is believed to have snuck into one of the townhouses in the Randburg complex where she resides, before apparently simply walking out of the door for all to see.

Some of the residents of the complex saw her leaving the house with the TV, but she reportedly denied taking it when confronted by the owner of the house, who soon after opened a case of theft against her.

The publication reports that V-Mash was arrested after the police finished their investigation. She was charged with theft and released on R500 bail after appearing in the Randburg Magistrate's Court.

And on top of the TV theft charge, a woman named Mbali is also accusing V-Mash of stealing her cellphone from insider her house.

Once an affluent and successful presence on SA television, V-Mash's career and personal life crashed to the ground after she was fired from youth show Jam Alley for unruly behaviour, this after she was seen walking around naked outside a block of flats in Pretoria and being belligerent.

She spiralled down into depression and poverty, and was eventually discovered living in a rented room with only a mattress and one blanket. Fans reached out to V-Mash after the report of her dismal situation was published, and she has since then landed a role as co-presenter on live interactive music video show 'Pls Call Me', and small roles in soapies Isibaya and Zabalaza.