Vusi Nova speaks on how fake the industry is

And he's trying to eliminate the fakeness through his new album.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Drama

Vusi Nova has just released his third album, titled Manyan-Nyan which includes subject matters such as love, breakups and more. 

In an interview on Trending SA this week, Vusi also mentioned that this album was also about unifying him and other artists because he's realised how fake the music industry can be.

"There's so much fakeness that happens in this industry, so this time around I just decided to get a couple of friends and I think in a kind of way, I was just trying to show unity amongst artists. I think the hip-hop guys are doing very well but not so much the Afro Pop guys. So this is why I decided to have five collabs in there which include Zahara, Ntando, Kelly Khumalo, Jessica Mpangeni and more."

The award-winning artist also touched on his hijacking incident from last year.

In 2017 Vusi Nova was hijacked and kidnapped in his driveaway, during the hijacking incident he was stripped half-naked before the hijackers let him go.

Vusi mentioned that for a while, he was uneasy about driving up to his driveway.

"I'm good man, for a while there, I'd be afraid, but I'm slowly getting over it, now I can park my car without having to worry. "

Vusi also added that there's someone who works for him now who stands outside his house for security reasons, he hired the person immediately after the hijacking incident.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@vusinova