Witch doctor characters on TV that scare us

Many of the recent shows on television have witch doctor's here are a few of them we would not want to be around.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama


You probably wouldn't want to be on their bad side on any given day but they're probably the main reason why people watch their shows. We look at the number of character witch doctors on TV that really make us feel uneasy.

In no particular order here they are.

He may be captured at the moment on Isibaya and unable to put use, his evil ways but Sunday Nkabinde really freaks us out

Then there's iGazi's Scotho, her and that snake of a husband of hers can cause one to have nightmares after watching an episode of iGazi.

That dodgy house she lives in and that huge pot of hers that's always boiling can really make the hair behind your neck stand up. She's just o creepy and when she's with her equally evil cousin, Nomarussia, we're bound to see a whole lot of voodoo corruption going on between the two.

Remember when Scotho forced Nomarussia to drink some liquid that had a frog in it? Eeuw!


Some of you were probably not born when Shaka used to air on TV, but if you were a kid growing up in the township you could not sleep a wink everytime this particular witch doctor appeared on screen.

Shaka zulu

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