Peggy-Sue on her husband Xolani Gwala: He's a fighter

The former Miss South Africa commends her husband’s fighting spirit

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Xolani Gwala  | Drama

Messages of support pour in for 702's Xolani Gwala

The past year has been very tough for Xolani Gwala and his family. A year ago, the TV and radio broadcaster found out that he had colon cancer, and fortunately he has recovered.  

The 702 host couldn’t have done this without his loved ones, including his wife Peggy-Sue Khumalo. Xolani admitted during an interview on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show that he would have died if his wife was not there.

His wife also had a chance to speak about her husband on the show on Friday. Speaking about her husband, the former Miss South Africa said: “Look, I think he’s an incredible person. I think that having gone through what he went through the past year just makes him an extraordinary, strong and very positive person because it was really, it was really hard, and we had many harrowing and heart-wrenching moments and he stood strong through all of that.”

She added: “He’s a fighter.”  

Peggy-Sue said they’re grateful for God’s grace. “I think what pulled us through this ordeal was just remaining anchored in our faith and trusting that Xolani would make a full recovery even though we knew his illness was very serious.”

On the show, Xolani revealed how he met his wife. He said they were introduced by a friend who still works with his wife.

On what they spoke about on their first date, Xolani said on the show: “Interestingly, just about everything under the sun cause she’s an activist of sort, she knows what’s going on, talks politics, talks everything, and she’s very keen on current affairs. We spoke about everything other than what we actually had met to speak about, i.e. what are we gonna do with ourselves type thing.”

According to a past Sowetan article, Xolani proposed to his wife during his 40th birthday celebration which was held at his hometown of Impendle, KwaZulu-Natal.

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