Yanga Sobetwa's COVID-19 Hygiene Campaign Aimed At Kids

She is spreading the important message of washing your hands.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Yanga Sobetwa  | Drama

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Idols winner Yanga Sobetwa has taken it upon herself to educate the younger people of this country about the importance of maintaining good hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic.

She feels it is her duty to help prevent any child from contracting the deadly virus.

Yanga first announced the campaign on her Instagram account urging young boys and girls to wash their hands regularly. She also made a small request for parents to encourage their kids to wash their hands whilst singing her song 'Little Girl'.

"Hey guyyys. Let’s stop the spread of #covid19 and spread awareness on how to keep yourself and the next person protected. Please take a video of your little girl or boy including yourself washing your hands, singing or playing the song Little Girl by Yanga,"
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Her IG is filled with videos of kids washing their hands and sanitizing, whilst banging her single.

She spoke to TshisaLive on why this campaign is important to her. "For me, this campaign is important because I have a group of little kids who are following me, who are looking up to me.  I want to be a role model who shows young children how to protect themselves from the virus." 

She then continued by saying people like her need to use their platform so the younger generation can take this pandemic seriously.

"The reason why it means so much to me to be behind the campaign is that I believe every child has to pursue their dreams and goals. If we cannot defeat this pandemic, and if a  person with a platform like me doesn't encourage my audience to wash their hands, then we'd have a generation not taking this pandemic seriously."

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