Zandie Khumalo Reaches Out To Kelly Khumalo

She hopes to make amends after their fall out

By  | Mar 14, 2022, 01:39 PM  | Zandile "Zandie" Khumalo  | Drama

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It looks like singer Zandie Khumalo wants to make amends with her sister Kelly Khumalo after their public fallout which saw them divorcing one another. For years they never interacted on social media and Kelly Khumalo even publicly stated that she no longer wants anything to do with Zandie.

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The Khumalo sister's relationship reached rock bottom and it has something to do with Zandie's husband, Mhlo Gumede.

After a few harsh words directed at Zandie by Kelly on her reality show, fans reached an understanding they they would never fix things ever again. But a light at the end of the tunnel suggests that Zandie might want to make amends with Kelly.

She posted a short prayer accompanied by an old photo of them and asked God to help them fix things and asked God to continue giving Kelly strength. She also asked to keep their mother safe because she always keeps hope alive that one day, things might work out.

"God, wherever she is, continue to give her strength. Please keep our mother alive, she is very hopeful that one day things will change for the better."

In her reality show, Life With Kelly Khumalo, Kelly had quiet a few harsh words to say about her brother in law. This pointed out how much she despises him and wants nothing to do with him.

Mhlo Gumede started this drama when he used Kelly's name for an event she was not involved in. Reports claimed that Mhlo took a payment of R17,000 from organisers, because they saw Kelly and Vusi Nova's name, but Kelly knew nothing about this. Distancing herself from the scandal, Kelly released a statement and said Mhlo is not her booking manager;

"With all due respect, Mhlo Gumede is my sister's husband And manager NOT my bookings manager nor part of my team, never was and never will be, so what ever dealings you may have with him Do NOT involve me," wrote Kelly at the time.

Meanwhile, Zandie continues to gush over her husband and now baby daddy, as they recently welcomed their son Zenala Gumede.

"No man alive could have ever created an environment for me to flourish like you did, whether as an artist, as your wife or as Zenala's mother.... coz I'm killing it all, in all 3 aspects, I do not play. Thank you Mnguni for making our marriage so easy, for taking care of my career and being a great father to Zenala. It's still a very long road to walk, but with you by my side I'm not worried."

Kelly recently spoke about Zandie in her interview with TrueLove, and said she does not exist. “I’ve moved on from that part of my life. It no longer exists and never will,” she said.

This comes years after Zandie made some shocking allegations against Kelly. “If I was divorcing my husband maybe it would have been a little bit easier and lighter but I am separating from a person I have known for all my life and have shared laughs, pain, excitement and disappointment with all my life with, my sister,” Zandie's letter reads.

She has her reasons for separating from Kelly and these include her not being paid to be featured in Kelly's reality show, drugs, non-payment when she was her back up dancer, abuse and so much more. 

At the end of the list, she says "If I started telling you other issues your jaws will drop."

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