Zikhona Sodlaka Responds To Weave Criticism

The actress does not have a problem with losing Ntsiki as a fan

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Zikhona Sodlaka  | Drama

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Zikhona Sodlaka shared a subtle but stern reply after Ntsiki Mazwai claimed to no longer be a fan of hers because she wore a weave. 

If there is one thing Ntsiki does well, it's letting personalities and celebrities know  when they have failed her standards.

In many occasions, ZAlebs either ignore and block Ntsiki or they deliver a spicy clapback and put her in her place.

Her longstanding agenda against weaves and black women has been dividing Twitter all week and one person who was caught in the crossfire is Zikhona Sodlaka. Ntsiki Mazwai responded to the actress posting a picture of herself in a weave by saying how disappointed she was in Zikhona,

"Eish my favorite actress is about to lose a fan… it’s a No for me. Our greatest can’t be imitating foreign hair," she tweeted.

Putting Ntsiki in her place, she schooled her on her role as an actress who represents different women. She said she often has to change her looks to suit her character so the story can be perfectly portrayed.

People came to Zikhona's defence saying she did not need to respond to Ntsiki nor justify her choices.

She is the second celeb Ntsiki offended with her weave debate in the same number of weeks. Earlier this month, she tried to prove her point on natural hair and offended Pearl Thusi along the way. She spoke about Pearl's ethnicity saying she is not a real black person hence her hair texture.

Mama Panther responded with a spicy clapback which read; "That dirty girl is obsessed with me and she doesn't even have her facts straight wow."

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