Zizo Tshwete comes to Bucie's defence after body shaming comment

People who body shame others on social media are definitely getting a taste of their own medicine.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Zizo Tshwete  | Drama

Zizo tshwete

One media personality who was not about to let the body shaming comments slide on her timeline is Zizo Tshwete.

Radio host and Lotto Live presenter, Zizo Tshwete, put one of her Instagram followers in place after they made offensive remarks about Bucie's weight, commenting that the singer is fat and ugly.

Rightfully so, Zizo came to Bucie's defense and reprimanded the follower who later on deleted their comment.

Zizo tshwete

Zizo's followers echoed her sentiments and expressed how difficult it is for some women to lose weight especially after giving birth.

Zizo tshwete

Respect to Zizo for coming to Bucie's defense, we honestly don't know what this person was talking about, Bucie looks great!

It must be a jealous ex or something.


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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZizoTshwete

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