Zodwa Blames It On Her Lifestyle

Who could have known?😮

By  | Nov 11, 2021, 04:53 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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Award-winning artist Zodwa Wabantu just recently posted a video on her Instagram of her getting her botox procedure done asking her fans to consider doing the procedure too. Zodwa mentions that the painless procedure will be on offer and fans are already flooding her comment section on how they can get the services.

In the video, Zodwa is heard saying that the reason she does the botox procedure is because of her lifestyle quoting that age is also catching up with her. She says, “I have been around, I drink, I party, I don’t sleep, so age is catching up with me. I’m reversing it…”

Fans are already in a frenzy at the release of this video with many saying that Zodwa is no longer classified as a natural beauty if she has to hide her wrinkles. And while that is yet to be debated upon, her loyal followers are also happy that she was confident enough to speak of her lifestyle in that manner calling her a realist and applauding her for her decision.

Zodwa, who is well known for her controversies was just recently found herself in a major scandal after a woman accused Zodwa of assaulting her at an event. Zodwa is yet to make a statement on what actually happened that day. The allegations left a sour taste on tweeps who were not only shocked at what they were hearing but equally concerned.

Just the other day, Zodwa also set the internet ablaze when a video was shared of her kissing a woman. According to her fans, they took to Zodwa's comment section to say that it was the woman who was the one who forced herself on Zodwa and not the other way around. This is not the first time that such an incident has append at a Zodwa event and fans are beginning to believe that it will not be the last.

There is no doubt that where Zodwa is, controversy has to follow but her legion of fans are still quite loyal to her whether or not she is stepping on the wrong foot or not. The exotic dancer, who has also just recently started dating her young boyfriend, Ricardo, has on several occasions demonstrated how much she loves her Ben 10 and does not mind spoiling him however way she wants.  

All in all, despite er controversies and dissensions, it is great to see that Zodwa is living her life to the very fullest. With her sensational performances that always leave many wanting more, fans can expect to see and hear more of Zodwa Wabantu. She also just recently shared a video on her Instagram saying a big thank you to all those who have supported her and mentioned her in rooms with opportunity and fans couldn’t be any happier for her.


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