Zodwa Is Feeling Generous

You wont believe what she wants to give her fan

By  | Nov 15, 2021, 06:33 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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At this point there's nothing that controversial musician Zodwa Wabantu does that shocks the public. Zodwa is well known for being authentic and speaking her mind. She is often unbothered by what the streets say about her.

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In another one of her dramatic videos, Zodwa is seen standing on top of a speaker at a gig whilst flashing her goodie. The crowd is seen touching her booty inappropriately and she seems to be unbothered.

The entertainer said it boldly that she wishes she could give the crowd her p**sy. "I wish I can give you all my Pussy. I tried to make it Rain Pussy on all of you," she captioned the video.

Zodwa is no stranger to hogging the headlines for the wrong reasons. She recently became the talk of the town after a video of her removing her panties during a performance on stage went viral. The dancer stripped off her panties on stage, and swung it in the air during a performance.

She regarded herself as a sincere and authentic person. She also encouraged others to hire her for public appearances. In another social media video from the same event, Zodwa was seen slapping and cursing a partygoer. She ordered her bodyguards to remove him from the stage, whilst humiliating him in front of the entire audience.

The exotic dancer is no stranger to being sexually harassed by spectators whilst performing. Videos of her performing whilst men touch her private parts continue to raise concerns on social media about the type of abuse the star often faces from fans when she is out performing at gigs.

Last week, she was accused of assaulting a partygoer who was probably lusting after her bae. According to the victim Zodwa's Ben was starring at her, which resulted in the musician quickly going to their table to dance for a guy they shared a table with. According to the partygoer, they hyped Zodwa up while she was dancing, but things turned sour when she poured champagne on her face and attacked her.

She said her friends tried to fight her back, but she left immediately after they told the owner of the establishment about the alleged incident.

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