Zodwa's Ex Vusi's Audi R8 Purchase "Staged"

Bathong, so many twists and turns.

By  | Aug 14, 2020, 05:27 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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The drama between Zodwa Wabantu and her ex Ben10, Vusi has had the streets talking for the past week and it seems that there might actually substance to one of Zodwa's claims.

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Zodwa in a fiery video claimed that her former bae, had purchased his Audi R8 using her name and contacts presenting himself as her lover, however, they had broken up at the time.

"You slept at my house for a year… for you to go to Audi and use my name because you knew during the Durban July I was going to be driven by Audi," she said in the video.

Now in a twist of events, Audi Centre Durban has distanced themselves from the luxury vehicle's purchase and instead say that the "whole thing was staged, strange and misleading".
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Speaking to Daily Sun, Phana Mzimela who is the sales manager for Audi Centre gave more insight into exactly what happened when Vusi "bought" the car in July.

“Vusi is not our client. He never bought the car, he never signed any documents with us. Everything including the pictures and videos that he took was staged. He did this with the help of our sales representative. They even used delivery pictures to make the whole thing legit. Vusi later posted these on his Instagram account. We don’t know how did he do all of this. Our stance on this matter is that Vusi never bought the Audi R8 and we have no contract with him. We are following internal processes to deal with the salesman,” Phana told the publication.

A source speaking to the publication further alleges that after Audi saw Zodwa's rant they called her in for a meeting where they tried to rectify the situation and get the socialite to post a video at the dealership "and pretend as if everything is fine". Zodwa however, refused to be a part of the PR stunt as she was never part of Vusi's scam, to begin with.

Zodwa confirmed that a meeting took place between her and Audi regarding the Vusi matter but did not disclose details.
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Vusi though says he has a "working relationship with Audi" this after he submitted a proposal to them asking for them to assist his digital company to do a campaign, in which they agreed.

"But Audi also requested me to assist them to sell that Audi R8. They said it had been with them for two years. With the assistance of the salesman, we staged the photoshoot and the car was eventually sold," Vusi told Daily Sun.
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