Zodwa Wabantu's 'Goodies' Break The Internet

Isn't she too old for this now?

By  | Dec 11, 2021, 09:56 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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There is no denying that Zodwa Wabantu is most if not everyone’s favourite performer when it comes to her parties and performances. The socialite is known for her exotic dances and stunts that always leave many drooling and others just stunned.

Just recently, Zodwa has once again, quite literally broken the internet with a photo that has left many looking the other way. Taking to her Instagram, the socialite posted a photo of her legs, well, wide open for everyone to see what she has  to offer.

Zodwa, who was attending a friend’s birthday party must have shifted all the focus from the birthday boy and on to her because her comment section has left quite little to be desired. 

While many are not at all surprised at this stunt because this is Zodwa we are talking about, others are saying that she is becoming too old for this and it’s time she tones it down. Do you agree?

If you are an avid follower of Zodwa, you know that this is not the first time Zodwa is serving her fans with maybe a little more than they asked for? Many times she has landed in trouble during or after her performances. It was not too long ago when a woman forcefully kissed Zodwa on stage and fans were claiming that it was a form of abuse.

Not only that, during one of her many controversial performances, Zodwa is seen flashing her goodies for her fans saying that it was all she wanted to give her fans. In the video, you can see everyone trying to have a chance at her body, with many reaching out to touch her and at some point, many were left wondering what she was doing was even right.

Taking to Twitter not too long ago, tweeps decided that they have had enough. Many of them were asking what else Zodwa was good at or rather whether or not she was ‘talented enough’ to become an entertainer or whether she was just simply making money out of “selling her body”.

But despite all the hate she was and has been receiving, it seems Zodwa remains unshakable and simply does not care what people say and think about her.

On several occasions, she has taken to her Instagram to address her haters with one simple message, that there is only one Zodwa Wabantu and that she will continue living her life no matter what anyone thinks.

At this point, all we are left to wonder is, “Is there really anything Zodwa Wabantu cannot do?” 

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