Tweeps Have Grown Tired Of Zodwa Wabantu

"You can do better"

By  | Nov 19, 2021, 11:28 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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The number of times Zodwa Wabantu has made headlines for posting a controversial video is countless and tweeps are already questioning whether there is more to Zodwa Wabantu. Just recently, the sensational dancer took to her Instagram to share a video that left many wondering what her exact intentions were. While many are big fans of Zodwa it seems tweeps have just had it. Check out the video below

Taking to Twitter, tweeps seem to be upset at how often Zodwa is constantly posting shameful videos quoting that the entertainment industry is slowly becoming a nightmare. It is not clear what may have caused this “Twar” but clearly, tweeps want Zodwa Wabantu to start acting right.

Not only that, Zodwa had just recently shared a video on her Instagram, that sees her seated with the deejay on the deck whilst giving both him and her fans a view that should probably been available to everyone. The video, like many others, had tongues wagging and now, tweeps have already sworn to keep their partners from Zodwa’s concerts.

Twitter user @ISamangwane reiterated that Zodwa Wabantu is one of the reasons why so many African women feel they need to expose their nudity for them to be recognized. The overall sentiment is that Zodwa is not setting a great example to upcoming entertainers in the industry.


For tweeps, the only reason Zodwa Wabantu is famous is because she is always selling her body. What do you think?

Zodwa is not the only one getting bad publicity it seems. Tweeps also took to Twitter not long ago to express that they were growing tired of Uncle Waffles. The female deejay who rose to fame quite unexpectedly, seems to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths and now, tweeps are already comparing her to Zodwa Wabantu, saying that she is only famous because she is selling her looks and nothing else.

Believe it or not, none of these seems to bother Zodwa. Or at least, she has not yet responded to what tweeps are saying about her. Up until now, Zodwa is continuing with her parties and concerts, just taking to her Instagram to confirm how booked she is for the rest of the year. Her loyal fans are rallying behind her to ignore the naysayers and to keep being her authentic self.

Let us not also forget how well she has been serving fans major couple goals with her Ben 10 Ricardo. The two seem to be getting along quite well and it seems this relationship will last a while. Zodwa shocked many when she revealed why Ricardo should ask for bae allowance with many gaping at the figure she quoted. Maybe this is how love ought to be?

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