Black Twitter Comes Together For Zola 7

He's said to be doing very badly

By  | Mar 06, 2022, 08:04 AM  | Zola 7  | Drama

Zola 7
Zola 7 recently made headlines when music executive Nota Baloyi alleged that he was doing badly, with seven children he couldn't take care of. Now Black Twitter has rallied to raise funds to help him. 
It seems that fans are now more supportive of their favourite celebrities since the passing of hip-hop legend Riky Rick. As it was pointed out by one tweep, everybody would be upset and talking about Zola if something bad happened to him right now, yet nobody is willing to help him now that they know he may be in a bad place. 

Another influential tweep going by @ChrisExcel102 responded to these calls and decided that Zola 7 will not be yet another regret story for Mzansi social media. He challenged Black Twitter to contribute money that would go to Zola 7 and hopefully help him care for his kids and himself as well. 

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The kind gesture received overwhelming support. Fans have poured into the mentions to express their willingness to contribute. All they need now is his bank details so they can deposit the money there directly. 
Of course there are those who felt like it was too much to ask, because everybody is struggling right now. They felt like nobody owes Zola 7 anything, so you shouldn't be sitting somewhere expecting the contributions.

Additionally one tweep alleged to be close to someone who is close to him, and shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation in which Zola's supposed friend said he is quite alright and all the hullabaloo is unnecessary. 

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Fans have also been listing the good things that he did for Mzansi while he was still at the top. This has mostly been to remind those who are hesitant to help that solar seven wouldn't have been as reluctant to help them if the roles were reversed.
It has been a very beautiful thing to witness especially because the one who is leading the charge, Chris Excel, has multiple times been identified as the biggest bully on Twitter. In fact he has stopped trends pretty much every time a celebrity has passed away from depression and suicide. Now he has chosen to do something good for a legend and we think this moment deserves some applause. 
Perhaps all the mental health sensitization that has been going on since Riky's passing has actually made an impact on social media, and people will genuinely be kinder to each other, even though Cassper was sceptical. We can only wait and see. 
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