Is Nota Baloyi Doing The Most For Clout?

He has been attacking everyone

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 12:40 PM  | Drama

Image of Nota Baloyi
Nota Baloyi used to be a rapper, but once he turned his full attention to music entrepreneurship, it's been one controversy after the other, to the point that tweeps are now wondering why he is doing the most. 
The music mogul has been known to go after celebrities a few times, but his most famous beef has been with Cassper Nyovest. The two have been locked in a twar recently, which keeps getting uglier and attracting more public figures into the mix. 

After Cassper recently trolled Nota about his savings account balance, Nota has been on a full on rant with a series of damaging tweets. It started with him calling Cassper broke and insinuating that Slik Talk had taken all his money, but he has since gone after Cassper's family and his kid.

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Recently, MacG alleged on Podcast and Chill that Cassper’s baby mama Thobeka Majozi had an affair with Andile Mpisane, and that Cass was sleeping with Kamo Mphela, who had been tied to Andile multiple times. Talk about a web! 

As the shocking news took its own life on social media, the implication was that Andile had fathered Cassper’s son with Thobeka. And it is this insinuation on which Nota’s attacks at Cassper have now taken root. He has alleged that Cass was unable to impregnate Thobeka when she really wanted a kid, so her friends must have called in Andile to “score the winning goal”. 

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He has also lashed out at Cass, saying that he (Nota) would be intentional about having kids so that they are raised in a two-parent household, instead of the “broken home” that Cassper is subjecting his son to. 
As one tweep pointed out, it does seem like Nota is doing too much. The tweep thinks that Nota is desperate to be verified on Twitter, and after other stunts, he has realised that going after Cassper would get him there faster, which is why he has launched the attack. 

The incident has even attracted the attention of Sol Phenduka, MacG’s cohost on the podcast. Sol thinks that Nota is going way too far, and he should not drag the innocent child’s paternity in whatever he and Cassper have going on. 

This is a weird reaction from Sol, seeing as he and MacG were the ones who started the conversation on Thobeka and Cassper’s relationship, and her alleged affair with Andile. But Nota stopped himself from pointing it out, even though we know he was thinking it.

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Within a window of a few hours, Nota has also attacked Shaun the Stylist, Euphonik and Slikour, and any tweep who responded negatively to his rant.

It is interesting that he has also mentioned that his followers had increased by 5000 in a week, and thanked Cassper and DJ Shimza for the marketing. 
So, again, is he doing all this for clout? Because he may be going a little too far and saying things he cannot take back. What do you think? 

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