Dreamteam is back, but where's Dash?

Durban's favourite team is getting ready to get up in the music again.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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Dreamteam without Dash

When was the last time you heard 'Dreeeaaamteam' on a track nje? It has been a while right? Apart from a few collabos here and there, the trio hasn't been doing much. Until now. 

The crew took to the Twitter and Insta streets to announce the return of the crew with new music. We're excited but.. we kind of realised something was a bit..off.. let's see if you can catch it. 

If not, let's help you: Dash isn't there. The third member of the group isn't seen on any pics with Saso and Trey. I mean, we even went on Twitter and still.

No Dash. Hey? We're not the only ones who saw this. Followers of the group went in also

Not only that, but when we look at Dash's Twitter and Instagram, there's no word on the return of Dreamteam like on Saso and Trey's pages. Hey? 2018 is deep. With the homie doing shows and re-inventing himself it wouldn't come as a surprise that he's 'shifted' from the clique but whoa. Hhay' iGoli liyamudla umuntu shem. Condolences to the remaining members, alwehlanga guys. 


Main image credit: instagram.com/dreamteamdbn

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