e.tv puts spotlight on Gold Diggers

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

Love, money, family feuds, debt, and economically-motivated relationships. This is what you can expect in this intriguing new telenovela, entitled Gold Diggers. The telenovela tells the story of an aging, polygamous miner, Patrick, who typically spends most of his life underground. When above ground, he tries desperately to balance his challenging life, which consists of his two feisty wives and his homestead in a rural area.

Patrick is constantly under pressure to prove himself as a man who is able to provide for his large family, and also having to nurse his terminal illness. However, working in the 'City Of Gold' comes with its own temptations, and this brings about a constant battle with his morals - making him question who he is.

"Gold Diggers tells the fascinating story of gold mining, it is engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking. It depicts the dynamics of the forgotten miners who are an integral part of our society. It offers a rare glimpse into their social aspects, their struggles and various temptations they are faced with," Monde Twala, MD for e.tv Channels Division, said in a statement.

Gold Diggers premieres on August 10 at 8pm. The cast of this new telenovela is yet to be revealed.