Exclusive: A Sit Down With An Amapiano King

Is he the new king of Amapiano music?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

The Amapiano music scene in Pretoria and other areas of Gauteng has gradually made its mark in the South African music scene.

If you attend any social gathering, whether, in the hood or the city, you're bound to see people jamming to this genre. Even if you don't like Amapiano, you're bound to find yourself tapping your feet because of the feel-good vibes the genre gives you.

In terms of media, TRACE TV is doing its part in ensuring that Amapiano is THAT genre everyone needs to groove to. A few months ago, the music channel announced that they would be running a competition in the hopes of finding the hottest Amapiano producer, and they did.

In May, Trace TV announced the winner of the competition after filtering down the competitors to a top 3 tier.

And what was the grand prize?  An all-expenses paid for music video. How dope?

The competition was won by Pro Monate and ZAlebs had the opportunity to chat with him about his win.

Check out our Q&A with the Amapiano man of the moment.

1) What was running through your mind when you were announced as the winner of the Amapiano competition?

I was in disbelief, completely shocked and did not believe that I had won the competition. I was facing talented producers in the Top 3 and after a few minutes, I was able to catch my breath and tell everyone that I knew that I had won.

2) Now that you've won, is there a well-established producer of any other genre that you would like to work with and why?

It has to be DJ Maphorisa because he is versatile, globally renowned and we from the same town. I completely respect him and the work that he has produced over the years.
3) You're going to be shooting the video for Gigaba soon, what can the fans that voted for you expect from the video?

Good quality, originality, authenticity and me bringing my A game.
4) Which other songs of yours do you think South Africans are going to gravitate to next?

My first single ‘Oshota kabo Kae’, and there is also some new music that I have been producing over the past few months that I am looking to release.
5) If you weren't an Amapiano producer, you'd be doing what?

It would have to be Information Technology (IT) as I graduated in IT. So, I guess I would be in an office doing IT work, in a radio studio or being an MC at gigs.
6) When the Amapiano genre first came out, people (not from Pretoria) weren't as welcoming of the genre as they are now, what do you think changed the mindset of Amapiano non-believers?

I think they gave it a chance by listening to the songs, either on the radio, through a friend or a night club. Like any other genre that came before, it all started with people not understanding and we know that it’s hard to accept something that you do not understand. The essence of Amapiano is that it’s feel-good music, it’s a genre that makes people happy and a genre that people can vibe to. Music is all about vibes at the end of the day right?
7) When will you be shooting your new music videos and can the public join in on the fun when you shoot the video?

Next month (June) we will be shooting the music video for ‘Gigaba’ with TRACE and I will be looking to shoot more music videos after that from some of my singles. We will be involving a lot of people in these music videos and people can follow us for updates on where and how they can be part of the music videos.

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Facebook- RFP Mahlangu.

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