Black Coffee to launch a new sneaker range

DJ Black Coffee has got something exciting in store for his fans. Local and International. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Black Coffee  | Fashion

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Black Coffee to launch new sneaker range

He's probably one of the most stylish South African DJ's we know. If you head on over to his Instagram account you'll see how much of a fashionista this guy is.

And just when we thought Black Coffee couldn't have an even greater year, he surprises his followers by mentioning that he's working on a new sneaker collection

The international house DJ is known around the world for his music and has now leveraged his relationships to create a signature sneaker with an international brand.

Black Coffee posted on his Instagram profile that he has collaborated with an Italian shoe company on a sneaker collection that will be coming soon.

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The hitmaker has been achieving greatness on the international market and recently got sampled on a JLo and Drake track. it's more like JLo and Drake took his song and sang it again. 

We can't wait for the shoe to be revealed so that Black Coffee can rival international musicians like Kanye West. 

We have no doubt that the sneaker will sell off the shelves like hot cakes, Black Coffee has great taste when it comes to sneakers.

He's collection of sneakers is quite impressive, from his Yeezy Boosts.

Black Coffee

To his rather unique Jordans.

Black Coffee's Jordans

And then there are these sneakers he's been wearing lately, we don't know the brand but we also wouldn't mind wearing a pair. Looking at the design of these sneakers we wouldn't be surprised if Black Coffee paid a hefty price for them.

Black Coffee unique sneakers
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