Catching up with makeup guru - Bongi Mlotshwa

We catch up with the most respected makeup artist in the industry.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Bongi Mlotshwa  | Fashion

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She names herself the Make Up Guru of the industry and we believe her. ZAlebs catches up with Bongi Mlotshwa who is also the mother to Mbali Enhle Maphumulo.

A vocal, strong independent woman that makes sure your favourite celebrities alway looks their best. 

Bongi Mlotshwa is more than Enhle Mbali's mom. She is an independent soul that pursued a career that was very risque for her time. 

She has been the official make-up artist for Generation and Generations The Legacy for over a decade. Since leaving the show - due to whispers of diva antics with a few of the talent on the popular soapie - Bongi has proven that being a single mom and living your passion is possible. We caught up with the celebrity make-up guru and found out who her favourite actors are and how she hustles to make her dreams come true.

Bongi and Mbali

1. Describe Bongi Mlotshwa in three words?

Loving, hardworking, and loyal .

2. How long have you been a professional makeup artist? 

For about twenty-six years.

3.  What does your day entail? 

Loads and loads of hustling even though people turn me down, I finally found someone who believes in me She's helping me chase my dream. I can't reveal much, but people will see the progress soon. I get to spend more time with my boys as well.

Bongi Mlotshwa

4. What kinds of makeup tricks did you teach Mbali over the years?

The first thing is that I've always taught Mabli to work hard, to be self-reliable and to be content with who she is with regards to make-up I've always taught her that make-up should at least look natural and it's ok to be natural.

5. What's the biggest mistake women make when applying makeup? 

Too much foundation and those black over drawn eyebrows are out of control.

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6. What are a few celebrity make up trends ladies should be aware of? 

 Ladies need to understand that less is more. And you need to understand contour before trying.

7. You have been on Generations for a long time, who are some of your Favorite actors? 

Sli Nodangala. Zikhona Sodlaka. Nthato Molamo.

Zikhona sodlaka

9. What's next for Bongi Mlotshwa?

 I'm working on something might be relocating from Jozi. you will find out soon as the deal is sealed.

Bongi Mlotshwa

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@makeupgurubongi