Hair care tips for kids

Follow these tips to ensure the healthiest hair for your little one so that they look as great as their parents 

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Hair care for kids

We’ve all seen it before… The well gorgeous couple, dressed to the nines and smelling like the perfume section at Red Square, accompanied by a child who looks like he/she belongs to another couple...


Because (based soley on appearances), the parents spent so much time on their own grooming, they had no time left to clean up their kid. Or they just don’t care. 

When such people are asked about their child’s grooming, they will hit you with flimsy excuses like “oh, he/she just doesn’t like it” or “ag, you know one never has time for these things” or the favourite “he/she will just get dirty anyway.”

But surely you can’t have your child out here looking like they don’t have parents for those silly reasons when you clearly woke up extra early to have enough time to look the way you do?

hair care for kids hair loss

You also get the parents who try their best but still fail. 

Said parents usually have sons with hair that looks like it hasn't gotten attention in months or young daughters whose hair is often in a state that will break your heart. You find yourself wanting to ask what possessed them to force soft dread onto a small girl's head but you can't because you don't know them and you can't say such a thing to a stranger, no matter how strongly you feel about it. 

Although caring for a child’s hair may be hard, the key to good hair care lies in the “caring” of it all. No one said it was going to be quick and easy but patience and diligence aren’t exactly the hardest things a parent/guardian can do for their child. 

hair care for kids

Here are a few tips for caring for a child’s hair: 

1. Clean it regularly

Little people play in the strangest places so things are bound to land up in their hair. Whether you have a son or daughter, you should make a point of regularly washing their hair with mild or gentle shampoo. 

It is best to use such shampoo so as not to irritate their skin and to avoid striping their hair of all its natural moisture and to follow it up with conditioner and regular treatments/hair masks/deep conditioners.

2. Moisturize the hair regularly 

Whether you want to keep it long or short, there is no reason why you should be skipping this step. 

hair care for kids

And for parents who want to grow their children’s hair, moisture is essential for preventing breakage (which is the number one enemy of progress when it comes to hair growth).  

3. Make use of protective styles

If you’re trying to grow your child’s hair, simple braided styles are best for keeping it protected. 

Braided styles are also great for saving on time as you won’t have to style the child’s hair everyday. 

Just make sure that you or the child’s hair stylist are not pulling the hair too tight as this may damage the hairline and cause breakage.  

Please make sure to also take extra care when detangling the hair as combing/brushing too roughly or forcing knots out will break the hair and it will look like it never grows. The easiest way to detangle any hair is when the hair is wet and soaked in conditioner. 

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