Sarah Langa Slams Fashion Critics

She was definitely a miss and fans agree

By  | Apr 08, 2022, 02:08 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Fashion

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Sarah Langa was dubbed one of the worst dressed at last night's Real Housewives of Lagos launch in Johannesburg. The influencer and social media darling wore a pink dress with leggings designed by Rich Mnisi.

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Many people including Sarah Langa, LaConco, Zuki lamani, Bonang Matheba were dragged for their outfits.

Sarah hit back and told people she never expected them to understand her outfit. “I completely get why it's not easy to get it. Individuality and intellectualising beauty is uncomfortable.”

She got dragged for her tweet with people saying her dress is ugly, either way. 

Sarah explained her fashion choices to TshisaLive and said it is her way of expressing what she is feeling at that time. As a person who cannot fully explain herself, she lets her garments speak for themselves.

“It is just about expressing yourself I guess. It's the way I express myself, I've always found fashion as  a form of expression, especially because I'm not a very vocal person.

"I find fashion to be a platform where I can get people to understand who I am or the phase that I'm going through or a place I'm at in my life. That's why it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with anyone's opinion because it's a very personal conversation, a very personal take on the expression.”

Another person who got dragged was DBN Gogo who wore a garment which is something she does not wear often.

The Amapiano DJ stunned in a pink garment and got dragged for it. Other people claimed that she is pregnant but she hit back at the hate.

"I wish you guys could keep your negative opinions to yourself especially when people are content and happy with how they’ve presented. You’ll never control how anyone looks. You can however control your mouths," she said.

"Comments and bashing are two different things. Disliking something and being straight up rude and hurtful are two different things. You won’t like everything and that’s fine. How you bring that across is the different. Nobody must accept anyone's bullshit. I definitely won’t"

Tweeps dug out her old tweets where she was mean to a lot of celebs.
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