5 Times Scoop Got Crowned Kanye West WaseKasi

His fashion game has been compared to Kanye West's

By  | Jun 25, 2021, 02:45 PM  | Siyabonga "Scoop Makhathini" Ngwekazi  | Fashion

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Scoop Makhathini, real name Siyabonga Ngwekazi has cemented his name as one of the most iconic fashionistas in the country. His drip game is out of this world that he even got compared to American rap and fashion icon Kanye West.

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We used the word icon in the sense that Kanye's fashion sense has inspired many people and he even created an empire with Yeezy. To say his fashion influenced Scoop Makhathini would probably be a reach because Scoop has been dressing up like this since forever.

Just recently, he set social media on fire when he posted an image of himself rocking a green jersey with a mint green shirt underneath. He then wore brown track suit pants with a brown cap and green sneakers. He gets most of his fashion drips from a store named Jonathan D Africa.

Just like Kanye, Scoop has legions of followers who praise his fashion sense saying he inspires them. Because his fashion wear resembles Kanye's, Twitter users have given him the title, Kanye West WaseKasi.
Below we list one of the 5 outfits that we think Kanye could body with a breeze.

Scoop Makhathini has been around for a long time now and even though he is not a rapper neither is he a producer, he has largely influenced the Hip Hop culture in the country.

He has had presenting gigs on TV and radio, but has since gone on the down low. He has a podcast with Ms Cosmo called Popcast and they speak about all things Hip Hop.

Scoop lives his own life and minds his own business but now he has been dragged into two scandals this year.

The first was when he got dragged by a YouTuber Rea Gopane and alleged that he told them that Bonang introduced AKA to drugs. This was after his fiancé's death which lead many to insinuate that AKA and her were abusing drugs.

Rea said: “Scoop told us that AKA is on coke and Bonang is the one that got him into Cocaine, Scoop told us that after the interview we had him right here at this place…so we know that AKA is into hard drugs.”
Secondly, Nota Baloyi accused Scoop of being an absent father to his son. Nota was going on his usual rants about Makwa and unpaid royalties and he accused him of not taking care of his children.

"...If there's money owed to him, his kids deserve that money. He's got 2 kids that he is raising," said Nota, before hurling a great deal of insults to Makwa. He then took aim at Scoop Makhathini saying he too is an absent father.

"That's the same sh*t I was calling out Scoop for, Scoop going out there talking sh*t about me. Scoop has a problem cause he's an absent father he can't even raise his own kid," he accused.

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