Who is the stylish lady judge on Raw Silk?

Meet Yasmin Furmie of SABC 1's new reality show Raw Silk.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Yasmin Furmie  | Fashion

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Raw Silk

Raw Silk, SABC 1's new reality show that pits fashion designers with dreams of making it in this cut-throat industry against one another introduced many to Yasmin Furmie. But while she might be new to a wider audience, the stylish lady is no stranger to fashion. 

Yasmin Furmie

In 2014, Yasmin co-designed a range with the label Missshape for their Ambassadors collections. Late last year, she launched SiSi Collection, a brand she co-owns with her friend Cynthia Allie. Our fashion editor posed a few questions to this shoe and fashion obsessor about her love for fashion, and what we can expect from Raw Silk.

Who is Yasmin Furmie?

I am an ever evolving fashion lover, fashion consumer a woman who appreciates great style and who has a distinct and recognizable presence in the fashion space. A woman who loves beautiful objects from Jewellery to shoes, art and travel. I never pass up a moment to eat superb food. A keen exercise and of course a mother of two go getting children. 

Yasmin Furmie

What is your earliest memory of fashion?

My memories around fashion go way back. I vividly remember shopping trip to town to buy the best knitted cotton socks and beautiful leather shoes. As I got older those trips became something I looked forward to sharing with my mother as I was then allowed to choose what I wanted. 

I was privileged to have the latest fashion magazines bought for me by my grandfather and I tried replicating what I saw at first. Those memories of fashion have to be attributed to the stylish presence of my father as well. He knew how to do double denim and penny loafers like no one else could. 

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion in and of itself is something anyone can wear, but for me the important thing is how you take what's fashionable and make your own. How you forget the formula and individualize fashion for you. 

Yasmin Furmie

As a judge on Raw Silk, is there anything specific you will be looking for?

Most people who know me will acknowledge that I am a stickler for well-made garments. I love seeing that great effort and pride has gone into producing a garment. I check the seams, finishes etc. of course, the overall concept and creativity are what I ultimately look for as well. 

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What else can we expect for the season ahead?

Raw Silk is a good platform for designers to showcase their talents, to make them experience what it's like to work under pressure and it also comes with lots of drama and entertainment.

Yasmin Furmie

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What are your thoughts on the current standard of South African fashion at large?

I think we have an immense pool of creative people in the fashion industry. One just has to look at the latest SA Menswear fashion shows to see the high standard of out designs. Of course, people who enter this space initially do so with little experience but through constant learning and opportunity, those who have the ambition will stay in this business and do well.

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