#ZAlebsStyle: 4 Traits Stylish People Share

A lot of people dress well, not everyone is stylish. Here are a few signs you might just be "that" stylish person.

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There are many ways to tell if a person's style is considered. Often, the most effortlessly stylish people are the most careful about detail, and sometimes, style comes naturally to some, whether they think a lot about it or not. There are a few habits that are an easy indication of such style.Β 

A knack for elevating basics

Accessories have the ability to lift an otherwise basic look. Necklaces, earrings, a pair of shades could be all it takes to lift a jean and t-shirt look to Bonang-Insta style levels.

Thursday. πŸ‘‘πŸ #MustBeThatAfricanButter

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What works for your body?

Sometimes it's really no use coveting Bonang's style when you don't have the same kind of figure. It's worth your time figuring out if skirts sit well on you, and if so, what kind of skirt does so. Try all jean fits to see which one works with your physique, don't just buy a jumpsuit because you like how it looks on Boity. The question always is: does it look good on YOU??!!!

Investment Pieces are a Must!

Those Gucci shades may have eaten into your rent, but when you put them on, your R250 jeans and shirt look suddenly seem like they are worth a million bucks! Your look may be from the vintage piles of Joburg CBD, but the minute you throw that coat on, you are ready to compete with Loot Love for the spotlight.

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Relax! It's not the end of the world!

Some of the most stylish people walk around with dirty sneakers, or slouchy jackets, and for the love of God, you can't seem to figure out why they still look amazing doing it, right? That's the thing with style, it's very individual, and it also takes some personality to make you stand out. The person next to you might be in the most expensive stuff, but they don't look just as good, because you are having fun in what you're in. It always works like a charm, so don't be afraid of a little frump or jacket slouch.

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