Zulu Mkhathini's style inspiration

His sense of style has inspired many people who look up to him

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Zulu Mkhathini  | Fashion


Plus, his Uniform Swag single has received a lot of positive responses from music lovers across the country and the video for the single is probably one of the most entertaining music videos we've seen this year.

However, it is not only Zulu Mkhathini's music that has come to inspire the youth of this country, but it is also his love for fashion that has caused people to have a different view about the all-around entertainer. 

I mean, the man made wearing a school uniform a trend, whoever thought wearing a school uniform would be so cool?

School Zulu Mkhathini

But it is not only his uniform swag that has got the youth of this country deriving inspiration from him.

In January, Zulu Mkhathini turned a lot of heads when he arrived at the Sun Met Gala dressed in this Tribal Skin Clothing outfit which was clearly a favourite amongst his followers.

Trial zulu mkhathini

People liked the look so much that they recreated the look and added their own personal flair to the Zulu Mkhathini outfit. The entertainer was so humbled by peoples remake of the look that he acknowledged them on his Instagram page.  

Check out the looks below.

Can we all agree that Zulu Mkhathini is the real influencer here.

You know you're doing something right with your craft when people see you as an influential part of urban culture.

Graduation vibes.

Shout out to everyone who is out here just trying to look their best and respect to Zulu Mkhathini for being such an inspiration to the youth.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZuluMkhathini/@ramiie_g

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