Generations Legacy - What more can be told?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

There seems to be some sort of excitement lurking in the air whilst we were reading a couple of articles surrounding the “rebirth” of Generations now titled Generations Legacy which is set to make its way back to our television screens tonight. However, we cannot help but wonder what is so important that Mfundi Vundla has to tell us? What more is there to say? Haven’t we seen enough? Has primetime television become so dreary that a second instalment of Generations has to return to deliver us from boredom?

Sorry Generations, but we think not…

Though it’s been dubbed as South Africa’s favourite soapie we cannot ignore the fact that the soapies narrative was starting - wait, no sorry- HAS BEEN boring and tasteless like a weak over-diluted glass of Oros. Before the last major incident (Those16 actors who were sacked,) when last had you had a serious conversation about Generations and its storyline? I’m yet to meet a group of people who have engaged in such a discussion really.

Generations has become nothing but a primetime content filler that brings in great revenue for the channel, not because of its storyline but because of its longevity, but longevity doesn’t necessarily mean great content.

But hey, to give the soapie the benefit of the doubt I’ll watch the first episode of Generations Legacy tonight and who knows, maybe Mfundi Vundla and his team of creatives will prove me wrong. Maybe.