Hottest celebrities that work behind the scene

Many of these hot ZAlebs have the face for television.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 

Thapelo Mokoena invites you to "book your first gig"

It's always the hot ones that make it to the big screens, and although these celebrties are some of the hotties, they seem to have broadened their career by working more behind the scenes.

If you were to speak about talented actors, Thapelo Mokoena's name would have to pop up on your list, but the actor is not just eye candy when his on the scene but when he's behind the scenes too, the actor identifies himself as a creator as he enjoys both spheres - on and behind the scene - of the industry.

Lockdown director Mandla N has been one of the actors to keep us captivated throughout his acting career on television, however, while many might not see a lot of him on their favourite drama series', Mandla N is still the man behind some of your favourite most watched shows today and he's a hottie too.

Mandla N.

Lockdown director Thomas Gumede

Actress Samela Tyelbooi is an award-winning actress is one of the eye candies that have taken the directors seats, the 36-year-old co-directed Maseko ties with Roderick Jaftha who many refer to as Glen Majozi from SABC1's Generations

Samela Tyelbooi's role on It's Complicated evokes great emotion

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