How is your social media etiquette?

It's just social media they say, but is it really?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 


The dawn of the social media era has brought on a lot of excitement to the digital world and people's lives. However, it has also caused a lot of headache for those who have been negatively affected by it.

If anything social media, especially platforms like Twitter have become a battlefield where anything and everything goes.

I've witnessed people tear down each other and say the vilest things to each other on such an app. Which got me thinking if people realise what they put out on social media will forever remain in the digital world, even when you think you've deleted something.

I've heard and read many articles that caution people about how they must carry themselves on these social networks, but it's clear that some of us are still not getting it right. Which is quite unfortunate, especially when you're looking for a job or trying to position yourself as an influencer who wants to align themselves with brands.


I've also heard of people losing job opportunities because of what they posted on their social media accounts, which is quite unfortunate because having a bad rep on social media platforms can easily be avoided.

Yes, there is this sense of instant gratification when we have someone like or retweet a post we just put up, but if that post stems from a place of negativity which could cost you a great opportunity, you can't help but ask yourself; 'Was it worth me posting that?'

Look, we've all made a lot of mistakes, myself included, I've tweeted and posted things on Facebook that has me cringing at the thought of it.

Remember how old tweets by Nadia Nakai and Boity resurfaced and came to bite them on the ass recently?

Although the two entertainers have come out to state that those were old tweets and that they've now grown and had a better understanding of how to carry themselves on social media, for me, that was yet another lesson of how we should think twice or even thrice before posting things up.


Thankfully the likes of Boity have learned from their mistakes and have used those mistakes to re-brand themselves on social media.

Boity was even kind enough to share some of her tips on how to ensure that your social media etiquette is palatable not only to people that follow you but also to potential employers or brands that may want to work with you in future.

In case you've missed the social media tips that were once shared by Boity, here are the tips again. These tips can ensure that your social media etiquette does not cost you once in a lifetime opportunities.

1. Avoid posting on social media when you have taken alcohol. “Just put your phone away – chances are, you will regret it afterwards.”

2. Avoid posting on your personal life. “Protect yourself as much as you can by limiting the amount of personal stuff that you post. In the world we live in, what we post can be used against you.”

3. Spread kindness. It costs you nothing and more than anything people will appreciate you for trying to be positive on platforms that are always filled with negativity.

4. If you have an opinion about politics or religion that you want to post about but find yourself rewriting or deleting your draft, rather not post anything.

Politics and religion are sensitive topics that require extensive knowledge. If you're not sure what you'll be tweeting about rather leave it, as your tweets about either topic could cost you more than you can imagine. Remember Shashi Naidoo's Palestine Instagram posts that had her apologising profusely for what she said?

5. Avoid putting things on social media when angry, we've seen so many people use social media to vent, but most of the time tweeting while angry has done little to no good for one's reputation. So when angry, throw away your phone until your anger has subsided.

With such tips, this is why Boity has managed to align and partner with certain brands. Your aim may not be to partner with brands, but cleaning up your social media image will always be in your favour.

So, is your social media etiquette intact?

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