Imbewu: Tradition vs philandering

Should Ngcolosi accept the tradition reasoning?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

Tradition has often been used as a shield to defend people's dirty tricks. For this reason, we're struggling to find a balance when it comes to Zimele’s riveting storyline.

Tuesday’s edition of’s Imbewu introduced a rather interesting angle about the betrayal of Zimele by his wife, MaZulu, and brother, Shongololo.
For years, Zimele believed that he had fathered four children with his wife, however, it was all a life as he discovered on the show recently. Things took a nasty turn and a family meeting was inevitable as a huge bomb had just exploded. 

A Bhengu family meeting was inevitable as a bomb had just exploded. 
Viewers watched in disbelief as MaNdlovu brazenly explained to Zimele that in the Zulu culture, it is common practice for a sibling to impregnate their brother’s wife if the married brother has fertility problems.

So, he's expected to be happy with the fact that his brother, wife and mother lied to his face for so many years? All in the name of tradition? One never really knows whether to accept the "tradition" explanation or not.

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