Inno Morolong Threatens Tebogo Thobejane

From besties to enemies?

By  | Nov 24, 2021, 06:15 PM 

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Club host and socialite Inno Morolong continues to be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

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Hot on the heels of dragging Gigi Lamayne for being after her man, the socialite is trending for her heated live video with bootylicious actress Tebogo Thobejane.

This follows after Tebogo allegedly posted an episode they shot with Inno for podcast City Girl with Podcast and Chill with MacG, without her consent. In the episode, Tebogo brought in a doctor to discuss plastic surgery. They talked about its merits and downfalls, and especially why it is so demonized in pop culture.

Inno who recently went under the knife, speaks about how she has been bullied and body shamed in the past. The episode has been trending on Twitter and it received mixed reactions as fans felt Inno sis a hypocrite. This follows she got emotional on the episiode about being body shamed but she recently called Gigi filthy, untidy and a b**ch.

In the heated live video Tebogo and inno can be seen arguing about sharing the episode. Inno claims that they had agreed that they will post the episode once she is healed in December.

"Tebogo agreed that in December when I've healed the we post the show," she  said Tebogo disagreed and said this is not what thy had agreed on. Did I sign anything? she asked. Inno even threatened her with her lawyers saying they are writing for her.

Inno has accused her of wanting to make her a laughing stock on the net. "You wanted to show my stomach, you wanted to body shame me its always about you. Inno pleaded with Tebogo to deleted the video

Tebogo said Inno has been trying to bully her and threatening to spill the beans about her. She said she paid close to R20 00 for the plastic surgery and accused Tebogo of dating a married man.

Watch the video here.

In a twist of events, Inno and Gigi have buried the hatchet in a live video with Popcorn room. Inno apologized to Gigi who was seated next to them in the same house with Femi. The live video left many people fuming.

This comes after Gigi revealed that she will be suing her for R1 million for defamation of character. This follows after Inno went on an Instagram accusing Gigi of wanting every man she dates and said she is filthy.

Gigi's lawyers said the statements she made online were "offensive and defamatory and infringe on her constitutional right to dignity."

"The offending statement or videos concerning our client are unwarranted, devoid of any truth, offensive and defamatory and infringe on her constitutional right to dignity. in addition, wee are made to understand that these statements or videos were clearly intended to be widely circulated with the intent of humiliating further undermining her reputation given her high public profile. Currently we are advised that these offending statement or material has been published over 70 000 social media followers and increasing daily,"
reads part of the letter.

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