Is This Your Mr SA 2019?

Social Media comes for one of Mr SA 20 Finalists 2019

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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Social media is back at it again with the Mr SA ridicule and banter.

Not so long ago, the Mr SA 2019 top 20 finalists  were announced and the people had words...unfortunately not words of encouragement, well, not entirely. Lets just say, Mzansi was not impressed with the selection, the promo, the photographs and the Mr SA rules and regulations vs the Miss SA rules and regulations.

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This time around, it seems like the streets of Mzansi have picked a favourite. The details for the voting for your Mr SA has been put up for all of SA to see and to of course, vote.

And it looks like lucky number 15 on the below finalist chart has gotten Twitter excited because he is trending.
Mr South Africa Top 20 Finalists 2019

His name is Pinkie Sulman and has people howling or concerned-we're not too sure yet ourselves why he is the trending topic for the day but he's got our attention, right?

Perhaps its all in his name-an unexpected twist to the Top 20 shenanigans that have already occurred but one thing is for sure we are living for the one liners, clapbacks and tweets of certainty that Mr Pinkie Sulman-could just be your Mr South Africa 2019.

The voting lines are now open and it's up to you to make sure your favourite gets to sit on the thrown and wear the crown.

No pressure.

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