Jama Ends Up In Flames

What a finale!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Since eHostela debuted a few months back, it has consistently entertained fans of the show from the jump.

The plot's twist and turns has sent viewers into a level of anxiety as each episode presented new findings and unexpected deaths.

Viewers were in shambles when they thought that the main character of the show - Mndeni played by Thobani Dlomo had been killed out of the storyline.

Fans of eHostela even vowed to not watch the show again until Mndeni returned, thankfully writing Mndeni off wasn't part of the plan.

Sadly, fans of the show spiraled into anxiety once again when Mndeni's partner - Khethiwe was shot dead by Jama, now that was painful to watch, especially considering how much Mndeni loved Khethiwe.

Determined to get his revenge, an all out war occurred amongst the assassins of eHostela and an action-packed episode is what we were presented with on Sunday night.

Thirsty for Jama's blood, Mndeni was determined to put an end to his life and he succeeded.

After shooting him in the shoulder, Mndeni and Jam engaged in a war of words & physical fight.  A teary-eyed Mndeni asks Jama why he killed Khethiwe in cold blood and in true Jama style, he simply laughed and expressed that even if Mndeni killed him he'd still see Khethiwe in the after-life and kill her again.

The comment sent Mndeni into a rage of fury, he shot him again and kicked Jama into the car they had been fighting next to.

Not yet dead, Jama is seen laughing, but his laughter quickly turned into horrific cries as Mndeni fired his last bullets at the car's petrol tank which caused the car to burst into flames with Jama in it.

Viewers were so shocked yet impressed at the intense emotions that were carried out by the actors in this series and are now can't wait for the second season.

Here are some reactions from Sunday night's finale of eHostela.

Yes indeed, well done to the entire production team, what an amazing finale that was.

Did you watch the season finale of eHostela, what are your thought about the show?

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