Jojo Robinson Reveals What Boosted Her Financial Stability

She is not ashamed to say it

By  | Apr 20, 2022, 11:09 AM 

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Tattoo enthusiast and reality TV star Jojo Robinson has reveals what boosted her financial stability. Jojo who has a huge following on TikTok, gained more popularity through the second season The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD).

When the season premiered, avid viewers of the hit reality show were in awe of her personality and aura, but recently, they accused her of being rude and manipulative.

Jojo is married to former South African kickboxing champion; Calven and they are blessed with a handsome son together. The pair is arguably a perfect match made in heaven. They are both smitten with each other and in one of the episodes of the show, Jojo was heartbroken after Calven suffered  a heart-attack.

At the time she was on a trip with the rest of the housewives and she felt she should have remained home to spend time with her husband who was ill.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Jojo revealed what boosted her into financial stability after a fan asked her. Responding to the question she said “My husband’s money. Lucky me. Married rich,” she wrote.
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Recently, Jojo opened up to Nonku about the abuse she suffered from her ex-husband. She said they were involved in an altercation that landed her in ICU.
"He would never take me out. We would never go anywhere. One day he phoned me, and he was like he is going to take me out tonight for dinner. I was so excited, and I got home and spent two hours getting ready because it was our first time going out," she said.

Afterwards, she explained that her husband came home with his friends, and wondered why since there was no outing including his friends planned. As she stepped outside, he told her that they were not going anywhere. Apparently, he told her that they were going out to make her look stupid.
Apparently, things became tense and at 2 am, she woke up and a fight broke up between them. "He had a knife behind his back, and we had a really big fight. He didn't do anything with the knife he just threw it down," she recalled.
Jojo said she overdosed on alcohol-containing pills that made her heart race. Instead of helping her, he kicked and dragged her, calling her sister, who took her to the hospital.

It is unclear whether Jojo will be part of the next season of The Real Housewives of Durban as viewers are seemingly fed up with her already. Responding to the backlash she constantly receives on social media she said, 

"When it comes to all of the women, I've seen comments about all these beautiful women like you really are seeing such a small part of them, so please try and be gracious, and you have to remember if we give drama it's a problem, and if we don't give drama it's a problem."

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