Drama On RHOD As Jojo Robinson Throws A Drink At Mabusi

Jojo has rubbed viewers the wrong again

By  | Apr 22, 2022, 08:51 AM 

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It is no secret that Jojo Robinson has been rubbing viewers the wrong way as of late, and she continues to get dragged for her actions on Twitter.

The reality TV star has left Twitter users foaming at the mouth after being mean to Mabusi in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Durban. Season two finale was no nothing short of drama and things got heated between the two, and we are glad that we did not witness a boxing match between them.

While Mabusi was clearing the air on why she thinks LaConco is very hostile about her lovel life, things went from zero to one hundred between her and Jojo.

LaConco's relationship status has been a hot topic lately as the ladies wanted to know more about Petal. The ex-fiancé of former president Jacob Zuma was not keen to speak about her relationship with Petal.

She left them hanging with no answers. Mabusi was tried to explain where LaConco was coming from and why she hasn't been sharing much about Petal, but it ended in premium tears.

A profanity-laced exchange ensued between her and Jojo- who was interrupting her from clearing the air. The exchange even saw Mabusi calling Jojo a spoiled brat. Jojo eventually stood up and threw a drink at her and hell broke loose.

The ladies managed to stop the two from fighting, but an agitated Mabusi gave her a stern warning that she doesn't talk but she hits. It appears Mabusi was not the only person angry at her. Jojo has since been slammed by her friends for being disrespectful towards Mabusi.

She has even felt the wrath of Twitter users who claim she stirs up drama and cries to her defense all the time. Her friends Sorisha, Annie and Londie London agreed that she was rude and they ended up not resolving the issue because things were tense.
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