ZAlebs Diary: Castle Lite brings out the big guns

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kanye West 

It's no secret that we are now living in the digital age and we definitley cannot afford to be ignorant towards its amazing cell phone developments that have shifted our digital experience from the snake playing games on our Nokia 3310’s to the handset evolution of the Blackberry that made our world even smaller and convenient through the inception of Blackberry Messenger (BBM). So should our beer also evolve into digital phenomena's too? Castle Lite being the pioneer on this front, has been consistent with most events introducing not only hot line ups on stages but also introducing us to crazy crazy digital mind playing games that has had us in awe everytime we attend a Castle Lite event.

We used to know Castle when they were the stereotypes around a green bottle, we were then introduced to Castle Lite which took the market by storm. Whilst the brand grew with the help of Amstel leaving the market so many brands got involved with music, by bringing in international artists onto our shores.  I remember sheading a tear when I missed Kanye West brought to you by Castle Lite, never went to Marvin’s Room when Drake came to town back in 2011, also brought to you by the Castle Lite folks.

Castle Lite seemed to have a formula even when they introduced the cool indicator on the bottle which I personally never believed in until I tried it out myself and actually figured out how it works. So with Castle Lite leading the herd does this mean they must also take these other brands? we think so as Castle Lite has now introduced a new digital idea known as the Castle Lite download experience.

Now you might wonder how on earth this new idea works, well, it's simple really just buy two Castle Lite bottles and you can easilly get the chance to download one of five tracks or was it six tracks a week? (I was on my 5th Castle Lite then, please do excuse me.)

Bringing you exclusive tracks that will only be retrieved through the downloading process some being international but most being local songs. With a world renowned music producer being the ambassador of this campaign and when I say renowned I'm talking about a producer who's worked with the likes of the late Aaliyah, Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake.  Apart from the image above, you've guest it right Timberland himself will be the ambassador of this campaign, how fitting is that? One of the greatest music producers of our generations headlining a digital music campaign to sweep the country off its feet.

According to Castle Lite a track titled Boom Boom will be released with a surprise local artist which I had my suspicions would be AKA or the most underrated music producer of our country, Bongani Fassie,or the alternative might even be Da Les. But that is still to be revealed who knows it might even be Slikour.

Credit Image: Facebook/Castle Lite

Article by: Leeto