'Keep It Moving!'

Somizi Mhlongo defends Bonang.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

South African media darling, Bonang Matheba is known for the many hats that she wears. If she's not slaying the airwaves and television space, then we can catch a glimpse of her inspiring influence on the catalogues of giant retail brand, Woolworths as ambassador for her own lingerie line, Distraction by Bonang. However there seems to be another nasty legacy that Bonang has carved for herself - the Queen of spelling errors.

Recently, the award winning media personality was embroiled in another spelling error drama, when spectators thoroughly zoomed into the fine print at the back of the champagne bottle. This comes after the successful launch of her champagne brand, House Of BNG.

It could be assumed that Bonang would cower with intense embarrassment because the same ordeal had befallen her with the unmissable grammatical and spelling errors when she published her first book, Bonang:From A - B, however the Queen B as she is affectionately known,  has since brushed off the dramatic episode.

With so many tweeps bashing Bonang for the repeated error, especially a celebrity of her stature, there was one fellow celebrity who came through for her - Somizi Mhlongo. The legendary entertainer was going about his usual commentary on the #WooShemMomentOfZen segment on Metro FM, when he simply stated that his newly reconciled friend should 'Keep It Moving'.

Somizi said the following:"Maybe one day I'll be a hater and I'm gonna have as much time as the person who found it, circled and found a fault on Bonang's bottles. The person who noticed that 'elegant' was spelt wrong on some of her bottles and now made a big hoo-hah about it."

He continued to add:''All of our lives, things have been misspelt, so I don't think it should have been a hoo-hah. It should have just been a laughable joke, to say 'hey, her book was like that now this, hahaha' and keep it moving. Let's not make it as if it affects the taste or the quality or anything else.''

After years of not being the best of friends, Bonang Matheba and Somizi Mhlongo have reunited, as the two media personalities were spotted being friendly during Bonang's champagne do held recently in Johannesburg.

Friends that defend each other are definitely #Friendshipgoals. This reunion is proves to be everything and we're here for it.

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