[WATCH]: Meet Kelly's Russian Character - Barbrah!

Kelly's russian accent is so on point!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kelly Khumalo 

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Alter egos have always been a thing within celebrity culture. In Mzansi, we have DJ Sbu who had a successful run as his alter ego, Mzekezeke. Then we have Buhle Mda, who continues to hilariously rock her character as Sis Getty on Instagram.

Award-winning musician, Kelly Khumalo has now introduced us to her interesting and highly entertaining character of Barbrah (try saying 'Barbrah' with a russian accent).

Kelly has always rocked this russian accent, especially with her friends, such as Thami Dish and Wanda Baloyi.

All these encounters were a treat for Kelly's fans. This new exciting character has her own Instagram account, @khulamor1.
The account is still new, therefore only two posts have been uploaded thus far.

''Barbrah is in town!''
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In America, the much loved Beyonce Knowles - Carter also brought to life her own alter ego - Sasha Fierce!

The year 2008 saw the birth of the electrifying and iconic character of Sasha Fierce from her double disk CD, I Am... Sasha Fierce.

During interviews, Beyonce usually stated that she has numerous personalities, therefore Sasha Fierce was one of those inner personas that she wanted to bring forth.
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Anyone that is a fan of Buhle Mda, is pretty much familiar with her hilarious and straight talking alter ego - Sis Getty.
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Sis Getty is not to be messed with, as her commentary includes all sorts of topics, from pop culture, politics and general every day happenings around the world.

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