L-Tido gushes about being a millionaire

Hip-Hop is one of the most lucrative genres in the world of music, most rappers have tons of money and they aren't afraid of letting us know

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | L-Tido 


L-Tido is one of the biggest artists in South Africa, the Dlala Ka Yona hitmaker has been in the music industry for a couple of years and he has had his fair share of ups and downs. 


During an interview with Rams Mabote on Metro FM, he opened up about the money he made through making music. "I am fortunate enough to have made a million rand from music. I am not sure about a million dollars but I have made my first million," he said. 

"Hip-hop in 2008 was not popular, we had no big stars who were making money so I had to take the risk. I knew that I had to make a plan so I saved to record a mixtape. The money I used to finance my first project was from what I had got during my 9-to-5. I was self-funded. I had no one to help me. Looking back, It was not a risk that was well thought out given the climate of the industry at the time. It was not a good risk but I am glad it paid off," he added.

Image credit: Instagram/L_tido