Lasizwe Wishes Mother Heavenly Birthday

It has been 5 years since she died

By  | Jun 27, 2021, 01:54 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza 

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Khanyi Mbau's brother, Lasizwe is celebrating his mom's birthday today, 26 June.

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It has been five years since his mother Lindiwe Caroline Dambuza passed on.

Taking to Twitter, Lasizwe expressed that he still feels the pain he felt when his mom died.
When Lasiwe’s mother died, she was a 40-year-old nurse at Lesedi Private Hospital.

Lasizwe told Trending SA hosts in 2018 that when his mom passed, it was matric dance season and they were going around getting things done and making sure everything is ready for the big day. His mom did not have a ton of money but the entertainer said his mom spent her last money to make sure that her son looked dashing on the day. 

Lasizwe’s mother was diagnosed with a heart problem and she died from complications related to it because the paramedics took a while to get to where they were that by the time they arrived nothing could be done to save her.
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This must be really hard on Lasizwe as he has achieved so many things that we are so sure that his mom would have loved to see. 

In that same breathe, taking to the comments section of his Instagram post and said, “Treasure your mother while she is still alive. I wish I was given that opportunity.” 

An episode of Khanyi’s reality show Mbau Reloaded, Always Rise let us into the death of their father. Lasizwe has been battling depression and the death of his parents. 

He tweeted this last year:
With both of his parents gone to the other side, it is indisputable that Lasizwe’s light is shining more than it has ever. 

Lasizwe recently revealed that he is a proud taxi owner and has some cows to go with it. Three of his taxis had broken down and like the business-minded man he is, he sold one of his cars for 10 000 to make sure the taxis were fixed. 

Lasizwe has also not been without controversy. His old tweets were dug up on that pointed him in a bad light. The tweets made him seem homophobic and this did not go well with the LGBTQI+ community. 

In one of the tweets he posted in 2013, he said, “OMG there are so many gay people on twitter, aeyo  I feel sick, the pictures they post OMG not that I'm against them,” 

This made people question whether he was ever part of the LGBTQI+ community. With all the hatred he was receiving, we did not think Twitter was ever going to forget but as luck would have it, the diggers moved on and looked at Somizi’s old tweets which were also not without questionable things.

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Both reality tv stars have moved on because black Twitter moves on but Twitter forgets. Lasizwe has made a name for himself starting from Facebook videos that always left us in stitches. We know that the future so much in store for the youngin. We can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for him. Look up Lasizwe. 

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