Reasons Why Lawrence Maleka Is The Guy To Introduce To Your Parents

He's quite the quintessential gentleman. 

By  | Mar 08, 2021, 02:50 PM  | Lawrence Maleka 

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We've all dated that one guy/girl we would introduce to our parents in a heartbeat. And then there are those exes we would straight up deny, knowing very well we dated them for a few months or years. But Lawrence is not the kind of ex we would deny.

In fact, he's the kind of boyfriend or ex we'd still love to introduce to mom and dad just because he's such a catch.

Here are a few reasons why we think Lawrence is the type of boyfriend to definitely introduce to your parents.

He's on TV

As cliche' as this might sound, some people get really excited when they find out that they know someone, who knows someone that appears on TV. Not that they're super special or anything like that but having your dad say 'Hey! you're the guy from that show on TV' upon meeting Lawrence is far better than having him interrogating Lawrence about why he's dating his daughter.

He's officially on more than one show

Which means he's quite the hustler and ambitious man, knowing Lawrence, he probably has five other jobs we don't know about. Which is quite an impressive thing for him to mention to your parents,  just to reassure your folks that their daughter is dating a guy who is focused.

He takes grooming very seriously

In an interview with Lawrence once mentioned that his father always instilled in him the importance looking tidy. 

"My dad instilled in me from the time I was a child was to never leave the house looking untidy – to always look prepared."

You know what this means right? 1) He listens to his parents, which means he comes from a good background & 2) You don't have to worry about him looking dodgy when meeting your parents for dinner. Trust that he'll be looking as handsome as ever in a 3 piece suite, cleanly shaven with a fresh hair-cut and smelling like a million dollars.

He wears these types of t-shirts

A man who's in tune with his ancestors, a man deeply rooted in his roots.

Well there you have it, Lawrence is definitely that guy to introduce to your parents ladies.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SirLawrenceMaleka

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