A list of the most supportive husbands in media

Part two of our list of the most supportive husbands in media and entertainment

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They're married to some of the most loved and powerful female media personalities in the country and while some men are easily intimidated by their wive's success, these guys are rallying behind their women and supporting them every step of the way.

The entertainment and media world can be very demanding for anyone who works in it. The industries demanding hours, job uncertainty and just the all-round pressure that comes with working in media can drive anyone off the cliff.

However, with the right supportive structure from your family and partner, working in this industry can become quite bearable.

Here are just a few husbands we've come to appreciate for how supportive they are towards their wive's careers.

Kerry Elsdon married to Gerry Rantseledi Elsdon


TV personality - Gerry has been married to her Canadian-born husband - Kerry for over eleven years. The couple has two foster children - Lerato Legoale and Priyesha Lutchman. Kerry is a chief executive of Daimler Chrysler Financial Services in South Africa.

On Gerry's website the couple speak fondly of their marriage, Kerry has said that he enjoys being taken care of - 'The general idea is that the man takes care of the family financially and so on, but it is really nice having someone there for you." While Gerry mentions that she enjoys the intimacy and companionship she shares with her husband.

The couple is said to credit honesty and communicating for assisting in keeping their union strong.

In their spare time, the couple loves being at home with their kids or travelling the world.


Elana Afrika - Bredenkamp married to Ian Bredenkamp

Elana Bredenkamp Afrika

Radio personality - Elana Afrika married her husband Ian back in 2013. Elana in numerous interviews has shared how much of a joy her marriage has been with her husband. Elana also occasionally features her husband on her YouTube channel. 

On Ian's birthday, Elana dedicated the sweetest of birthday messages to her man and literally described him as that perfect husband every woman deserves.

Here is parts of the message she dedicated to her loving hubby.

"Happy birthday..let me tell you about this guy I prayed for... I wanted a best friend, one who could make me laugh, who would give me babies, a hands-on dad, an entrepreneur, a guy that would support my dreams. I wanted a mother-in-law who loves me. Like truly LOVES Me. I prayed for a handsome guy, who prays before meals and gives Glory when we win! And earn! And have success! I wanted a man who would work, party, argue and love me with honesty and unconditionally. I wanted a man who would tattoo my name on him and play in the sandpit with the girls, pick up dog poo and sometimes cook dinner....."

Romeo Kumalo married to Basetsana Kumalo

Every chance Basetsana gets to speak of her man, it is always a conversation that is filled with praise and the great love and respect she has for her husband of seventeen years.

"At the Vodacom CEO Awards with the boyfriend, baby daddy, umuntu wam', isithandwa, iO yam'. I really like this guy and love hanging out with him. He hasn't stopped making me laugh all these years," are the types of captions you can expect by Basetsana whenever she posts pictures of her Romeo.

As much as Romeo is supportive towards his wife's career, Basetsana also returns the favour by doing simple gestures such as travelling and cheering him on for every comrade's marathon he participates in.

The champ is [email protected] #WeAreRunning #Siyagijima #Comrades2018

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