#LockdownS5: Episodes 4-5 Had Us SHOOK!

The plot thickens every episode.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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The plot is thickening with every episode of the SAFTA Award-winning prison drama Lockdown. The most recent episodes of Season 5 were uploaded to Showmax last night and to describe them as an  "emotional rollercoaster" would be an understatement.

Lockdown fans are used to action-packed episodes, and now the drama is being delivered in double doses! This past Thursday Showmax gave us another two episodes of Mzansi's most intense prison series to indulge in. Last week, the first three episodes of the season dropped on the same day and this week we were treated to another two chapters of the suspenseful storyline.

This week we witnessed intense drama unfolding and ultimately, it all ended in tragedy. Lockdown plunged us back into the big house that is Thabazimbi Correctional Facility where Governor Deborah and Siyanda's plan to get rid of the new commissioner is well underway. 

While this is all happening, the intimidating governer is shaking things up at the women's prison. Cold-hearted and ready to exact revenge, her ruthless dominance led to some unpredictable behaviour all while she tries to hide her twisted sexual fetishes. As if that's not enough to contend with, her pregnancy continued to complicate her life and by the end of episode five, even her future seems uncertain.

The plot thickens when her plan to get rid of the new commissioner with her lover Siyanda begins to take effect. The new commissioner is already wreaking some havoc with his plans to shutdown Thabazimbi.
Governer Deborah is on a mission to get rid of the new commissioner.

Siyanda forces Deborah to convince the inmates to come on board and his agenda is fulfilled when Deborah lures Tyson with the promise of sunny freedom. Who could say no to that? 

Speaking of Siyanda, he happens upon information about a delivery of medication worth a staggering value of 2 million at the Kgotsong Asylum. He realises that this could be the opportunity they need to get rid of the meddlesome new commissioner. 

They organize the inmates to do the dirt but will their plan be successful? In the meantime, here's what else is happening in and around the prison:

Monde and Vicky seem to be slowly getting along

It is uncertain whether love is in the air or not but there is definitely some chemistry here. Vicky seems to have buried the hatchet and is ready to kiss up despite her tragic encounter with Monde.

And we mean the "kiss" part literally - the two enjoy a steamy session during the episode but once it was done Vicky moved on like nothing had happened. Weird much?

Slender's craziness has escalated

Slender always finds a way to have us all rolling on the floor with laughter. She is still the crazy woman in town and still believes that her teddy bear is a real human being. When her teddy goes missing, however, the consequences are felt harshly.

Meanwhile in a bid to impress Tyson's crew members, Slender takes some very drastic steps.

Palesa still feels for Siyanda
Sophie Lichaba's Showmax debut is everything we hoped it would be
Palesa is still head over heels in love with her ex-husband Siyanda even though he has moved on already. Not for the first time, he takes advantage of her feelings and manages to have his way with her - further confusing her about whether or not he still loves her.

An Emmy-worthy performance!

Mazet reminds us that she is one of Mzansi television's most nefarious characters.

Mazet and Tyson really stepped it up in episode 5  and they deserve an Emmy and a standing ovation for their performances!

While running the prison yard and fending off the commissioner, Mazet bumps into her arch-enemy as things unravel at the worst possible moment. Everything is riding on the big hijacking attempt but nobody anticipates the plot twist that is on the way.

The ending will definitely have you reaching for those tissues!

Lockdown is exclusively airing on Showmax (having previously aired on Mzansi Magic).

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