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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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A big congratulations were in order for our Sun Met winner, Xolelwa Mzili,  who joined the ZAleb's team  - thanks to our friends Greenall's Gin and BLOOM Gin -  and attended Africa's Richest Racing day this past weekend.

Xolelwa took a lucky gamble by entering our #LIVEFULLBLOOM WhatsApp competition and it paid off as she won an all access ticket to Sun Met 2020 for her and a lucky friend.

When we caught up with our lucky winner, she and her bestie were both dressed to the nines - and looking flawless - in the event theme African Luxury: Visionaries.

Check out Xolelwa and her bestie, dressed to impress:

Xolelwa (left) with her bestie at Sun Met 2020

These BBF's share their Sun Met 2020 experience together

ZAlebs asked the pair what they were looking forward to the most and they both said  DJ Black Coffee in unison before giggling. The girls spent the day snapping selfies and if you happen to follow Xolelwa on her Instagram, you will definitely have noticed  the two dancing the night away in the front row to their favourite DJ - all thanks to Greenall's Gin and BLOOM Gin.

Before we left each other, Xolelwa was repeatedly extending her gratitude for her winnings  and could only describe her day as 'being within', and we're sure the Queen of the popular catch phrase and Sun Met ambassador Bonang Matheba would agree.


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Just a note about summer,  gin and tonics and what we learned from our friends at BLOOM GIN and Greenall's - do you know that some gins have up to 90 grams of sugar per liter while Greenall's Wild Berry and BLOOM Jasmine and Rose Gins are deliciously sugar free? We didn't know either but now we do - and you do too. 
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