FlySAFair Responds To Mihlali's Claims

Mihlali accused FlySafair staff of "racial abuse".

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase 

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Beauty vlogger and popular makeup artist - Mihlali Ndamase is furious at aviation company - Fly SAFair after she and her friends were unfairly treated on one of the company's flights this past weekend.

In a long-winded rant on social media, Mihlali expressed how disgusted she was at the unfair and racist treatment she received.

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Now, the airline FlySafair have vowed to get to the bottom of an incident which played out on Sunday, involving the Mihlali and her friends.

After enjoying a record-breaking week thanks to their R5 ticket giveaway, FlySafair has now been grounded by some very serious allegations. Mihlali – who has made a name for herself through social media and her own business branding – claims that she was subjected to “racist treatment” from a white flight attendant.

In a fierce Instagram post, the Mihlali uploaded a picture of the flight attendant who raised the issue with them and accused her of having an issue with black people. She also said they were called “animals” before police had to eject them from the flight.
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FlySafair has assured Ndamase that they will look to investigate the matter as thoroughly as they can. In an immediate response to the controversy, the company issued a statement which rejects “all forms of discrimination” and promised a swift resolution to this unpleasant episode.

Of course we as a company do not stand for discrimination of any sort. As the proud employers of over 1000 South Africans from all walks of life we stand for inclusivity, equality and tolerance. You have our assurance that we will investigate the matter comprehensively in the morning.

We’ll obviously consult with our teams for context and, with your consent, we will have a Senior FlySafair representative call you in the morning for your account too. We intend decisive action.

-FlySafair Statement, via their socials

The company have promised to get things ironed out by the close of business on Monday.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens. According to some on social media,  some eyewitnesses believed Mihlali and her friends were indeed ill-behaved from the moment they stepped on the flight.

Screenshots of a conversation between the flight attendant that was on the flight and her friend have gone viral recently. The Flight attendant tells her friend that Mihlali then threw a glass at her and that the beauty vlogger and the friends had boarded the flight with alcohol, which is something that is not permitted.

At this stage, the “he said, she said” aren't really going to help the issue, so for now, the ball now lies in FlySafair's court and we'll just have to keep our ears on alert for what happens next.

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